There are many misconceptions when it comes to weight loss. Many people try pills, others try teas, other people try detox. All of these are tried to expedite the weight loss process. While some of these methods may or may not work, they all need something more for them to actually work, movement. Moving and staying active is surely a way to drop weight as well. Some people go to the gym, some go running, some swim. The gym seems to be the number one pick for this goal. While being active and going to the gym is good and beneficial, many people spend too much time in the gym without any results. Other people try diets they can’t keep up with, mainly based on cold tasteless salads and starvation, but still no results. Why?

The secret is simple. It is all in the calories. Here is the true secret to weight loss, more calories out than calories coming in.  Calories out vs calories in, let me explain. You need to use more calories than the amount of calories you are eating/drinking. Here is a bizarre example. For simplicity sake, let’s say your caloric daily intake is 2,000 cal and you are moderately active. If you go on a lard only 200 calorie deficit (1,800 cal daily intake) at the same moderate activity level, you will lose weight. See, as far as losing weight goes, the body doesn’t care where the calories are coming from as long as the calories you are ingesting are less than the calories you are using. Now, obviously, being on a lard only diet is ridiculously unhealthy for the body and should not be done by anyone. This also goes with fast food. Even though you will lose weight eating fast food if it is under the caloric amount you are using in your daily activity, it is really unhealthy and can cause health issues.

With the secret now known. All you need to do to lose weight is ingest less calories than you are using.  Now if you eat healthy, not just salads, but a good balanced diet, you will really drop the weight especially when paired with a proper solid workout program. Even though you will drop weight with a caloric deficit and balanced nutrition alone, a healthy way to truly expedite the process is through a proper solid exercise program.

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